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My late husband purchased a $50 gift card for me a couple of Christmas's ago. I kept forgetting to use it, but it doesn't expire until 04/2020. I remembered I had it recently and started using it again.

I was only able to spend about $15 out of the entire $50 because of "inactivity fees".

I'm sorry VISA, but that is just wrong!!!!! If someone already gave you that money, it isn't right to start keeping some of it. It isn't like you loaned us the $50, we paid for it. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach that my husband's money went to waste. I will never purchase a VISA prepaid card for anyone as a gift or for any other reason. Stop taking our $$!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Some "interesting" browsing history showing up in that ledger screenshot there... I hope your research led to a satisfactory ending.

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